Hey, I'm Breno Polanski 👋

Front End Engineer based in Brazil. Mainly focused on web development and helping other people by giving presentations, writing articles and creating open source projects. Skills in Node.js, JavaScript/TypeScript (React ecosystem, Vue.js and Angular), HTML5, CSS and Responsive interfaces.

As a programmer, I'm in a constant search for better practices and also experimenting new things.

I'm an active open source contributor: https://github.com/brenopolanski


Saiku Analytics 4

Saiku Analytics 4 - The Worlds Greatest Open Source OLAP Browser.

Saiku Analytics 4

Saiku Analytics allows the entire organisation to unlock the data held in any application or data store. Undertake complex, powerful analysis using an easy to use, drag and drop interface, via the browser, to answer ad hoc queries without involving IT. Analyse data from virtually anywhere, deploy it to everyone without the costs associated with other Enterprise Business Intelligence tools. Saiku provides a fast, consistent, secure view of data across systems, so everyone sees the same numbers. Simply drag in the information required from a list of business terms, to create detailed reports or beautiful visualisations. Save and share findings or export to PDF and Excel.



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